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Leaving Home for Home

The past four months have been some of the most transformative, exciting, and challenging months of my life. I have been living in an alternate reality where my typical weekend is jetting off to foreign places like Spain and Poland. Even when I wasn’t packing up for my next adventure, I was discovering the culture … Continue reading

Land of Shakespeare

Michaela, Jenna, Savannah, Allie, Mary Kate, and Evan headed to Stratford Upon Avon friday morning.  It was about 3 hours by train, but we had two connections so it wasn’t a very pleasant ride.  We switched in Birmingham, but had to walk from one station to another. And although we didn’t do anything there, we … Continue reading

Trustee Dinner

Americans. We talked to good ‘ol southern Americans Tuesday. The board of trustees came to see us in Bath to check out the program. While we didn’t know them, they reminded us so much of home and the community at Lipscomb that we had been away from for so long. Each apartment was assigned a … Continue reading

Abbey Road

Today was one of the most incredible days I have had. Hands down. After living in England for almost 3 months, I finally got to cross visiting Abbey Road off my bucket list. Jenna, Michaela, Allie, Sarah, Mary Kate and I went to London together for the day. We stopped at Abbey Road first. We … Continue reading